If you're serious about wanting to either become an entrepreneur or improve your business, this is the page for you.


1) what it means to Be an entrepreneur

At it's core, an entrepreneur starts a business and takes risks in order to make money. However, it's not only what you do in regards to your actions in business; there is also a mindset that you must attain. When you develop the entrepreneur within yourself, your external will reflect the change. 

2) start with you

If you don't understand who you are and what your strengths and goals are, then you won't be able to plan your path appropriately. The sooner you can give thought to who you are, what you want out of your entrepreneurial journey, the sooner you can begin changing your life.

Click below to get a personal assessment pdf courtesy of Aaron Walker from ViewFromTheTop.com


4) Is that the right idea for you?

Maybe you have this one idea or maybe you have many. There is a process to testing your idea and it varies based on what your product/service is. There are plenty of resources out there that you could either read in depth or take online courses to learn the best ways to validate your ideas. I suggest you subscribe to this site, read my blog, listen to the podcast, and send me questions when you are unsure of what your next move should be.

3) Don't let fears stand in your way

Read this blog post below and be sure to follow the podcast to see not only how I overcame fears, but how others have overcome fears and been successful in the process. If you are truly serious about developing the right mindset, then you will take my pre-launch survey and read my guide when it's released.

You will also take time to write up a one page business plan by answering these simple questions.


5) Build the product 

Once your idea is validated, you will need to move forward with creating your product (if you haven't already). Focus on the product or service that you will offer and make sure that it creates value for your audience. This concept of 'creating value' may require that you to create it, test it with a small fraction of your test audience, tweak the product/service, and re-release it to the masses. 

6) Build your brand

Once you have validated that your idea is sound and you have either written the book, built the product, developed the service, built the online course, you will need to build your brand. To do this the right way, you will definitely need a website to start off and build your online presence.  



There are plenty of stages that come after those mentioned above (e.g. marketing, selling online products, building online communities, customer feedback, etc.) that have to be addressed in order to run a successful business so stay tuned to the blog and podcast for more information.