Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.
— Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Cofounder and Entrepreneur

If you have the right tools for a particular job, then the job seems a bit easier. Below you will find some resources to help implementation of your idea go much more smoothly.

In addition to the list of resources below, I do offer entrepreneur coaching as another resource. Many people find it much easier when you have someone to help you plan out your next move, keep you accountable, and provide you with honest feedback. If you would like the personalized feedback and strategic assessment of your business or idea and want to explore entrepreneur coaching with me, click here

Below are a fraction of books that I've read that I really think transformed how I thought about the world and business. I think you should give them a read if you haven't already. 

Interested in starting a website. I use SquareSpace. I think it has been a relatively painless process of designing this site myself and the starting price isn't bad ($8/month). There are lots of features you can use compared to other hosting sites. I started building websites with GoDaddy and I wasn't nearly as happy. I know that some other people are happy with their choice of using BlueHost as well.


Build an email list. I would eventually like to switch to ConvertKit for managing my email list because I think they have more features, but I currently use MailChimp because the first 2000 subscribers to your list are free.

Design Logos, Websites, Business Cards. 99designs is the website that I would highly recommend because I have used it multiple times for different projects and got fantastic results. You give a description for your project and start a contest for the freelancers on the website and they send designs to you. You select the winner and get the copyright to the design. A great solution if you don't have the income to hire a full-time designer. If you're interested in using them, click on my affiliate link below. 

Need a platform to sell and deliver your digital products? I think Gumroad is amongst the best platforms to do this. You can track all kind of analytics and even email anyone who has ever purchased an item from you. You can also use this platform to set up the collection of pre-orders if you want to give your audience a chance to interact with you during product development or if you want to build anticipation for a future product launch. 

Get copyright free images. Use these images to spruce up any blog post or use for any other social media platform like instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. GettyImages and DepositPhotos both have a nice stock of photos for you to use to capture reader attention. I have used them both.


Need a freelance writer? I think WriterAccess is one of the best platforms out there for finding and hiring writers if you need help with generating content. The writers have a diverse set of backgrounds so you can get help with blog posts, white papers, and book writing (any genre). They even offer editing and proofreading services should you want that. It's free to sign up for an account and WriterAccess takes a percentage of each order you place so that's how they make their money.

Interested in Podcasting? I was a little nervous about starting a podcast and what equipment and software to use, but Pat Flynn has a really good tutorial on getting started. His online mentorship made me feel comfortable enough to branch out and try podcasing for the first time.


Minimize the clutter in your email. Like most people, I get tons of emails every day. A lot of them are subscriptions that I don't even remember signing up for. I use Unroll.Me for compiling a list of all the email subscriptions that I am a part of so that I can either unsubscribe from certain things or combine subscriptions into one email that is delivered to my inbox. It's a free service and completely worthwhile. 


Have someone else do small tasks if you don't have the personnel. TaskRabbit is a website that I don't use personally, but I've heard of others using before and having good results. You are able to hire someone to do small chores like shopping, delivery, cleaning, moving, handyman stuff, etc. Do you have a laundry cleaning service and want to hire someone to pick up the laundry of customers once a week? Check to see if they service your city because they are still growing. 


Need keyword research? Use BuzzSumo to identify the top trending and most shared articles amongst other things. See what your audience is searching for and do keyword research. You can use the free service directly on the homepage and get the top 10 results. Or there is a 14-day free trial that you get when you purchase a plan so you can cancel within those 14-days if you do not like the service. 

Selling something online? You'll definitely want a sales funnel! Click funnels is an amazing resource that brings a lot of features together into one place. Build and manage email lists. Sell products and services. Build landing pages for your products. Need a webinar funnel? They got you. Even build your own membership site directly from their platform. They offer a 14-day free trial. After the trial, it's $97/month, but you can also dump your other services like MailChimp, LeadPages, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and some others. You might actually end up saving some money.


Need to create a professional video? Do you have OS X software? Interested in recording any type of video for maybe online courses or just a video for your website? You will want to check out ScreenFlow. A very easy way to record any portion of your screen and easily edit that video. 

Need audio transcription? Maybe for inclusion of a transcript with a podcast episode or maybe even an online course video. I suggest SpeechPad. It's a tool that many entrepreneurs use to get quality audio transcriptions that are affordable. 

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Note - I am not an affiliate for the websites below (except for 99designs). I just think they are great products that you can use to build your business.