If you're looking for help with learning organic chemistry, you are in the right place. 

My name is Paris Hamilton and I am a 2017 PhD graduate in organic chemistry from Clemson University. I have taught over 1000+ students in the chemistry lab at Clemson. I have tutored numerous students and even taught some lectures for Dr. Wetzler a couple of times. 

I will no longer be doing private tutoring being that I am no longer on campus and have moved from the Clemson area. 

My suggestion for you is to sign up for a semester-long membership with StudyOrgo.com for a one time fee (that would be way cheaper than having private tutoring by me or anybody else) and only ask for help when you need it. If you need some quick help with using the study material and quizzes provided on the site, I will help you for free. Enter my name, paris, for 20% off any package you choose. I can be reached for quick questions by email (hamiltpl@gmail.com) or on twitter @ParisLHamilton.


What do I mean by you can get me for free when you purchase a StudyOrgo package? I mean that if you have trouble navigating the website or how to set up custom quizzes and study materials, I will go through it with you. If you have a quick question where you need clarification on a topic or reaction mechanism or something like that, just send me a quick message and i'll get back to you. This method of contacting me is not considered one-on-one tutoring because it does not involve us getting together for an hour or two to go over course material.

Also, if you really want to get into the right mindset before embarking on the task of trying to memorize tons of information, go through my book that is dedicated to helping you with tips. The kindle edition is only $2.99 (delivered electronically to you) and the paperback is only $5.99 if you prefer a physical copy to hold. If you have an iPad/iPhone, you can download the free kindle app in order to read the kindle edition so don't be discouraged if you don't have a kindle. *Also, after you purchase and read through it, it would be a great help if you could leave a positive review on Amazon.*

The surest way to fail or struggle with organic chemistry is to do the opposite of what I talk about in this guide.

  • Proven exercises to become a better, more active learner of chemistry that, if implemented, allows you to stay awake in boring lectures.
  •  Lectures can send “mixed signals” to make you feel like you follow what was talked about in class, only to feel completely lost when reading your notes later. Learn how to avoid this feeling. (Hint: It’s not what your professor says, but how YOU process the information that matters)
  • I read all the chapters, did all of the homework problems, and took the practice exams before big tests. It wasn’t until I learned THIS ONE THING that it all started to make sense for me. I’ll share the single most powerful thing you can do to become successful in organic chemistry.
  • Finally rid yourself FOREVER of negative inner thoughts telling you that organic chemistry is hard and it isn’t useful outside of the classroom. INSTANTLY connect organic molecules to things you encounter daily.

Get tips to help you prepare mentally for the rigor of the course and learn from the mistakes of other students.

Get tips to help you prepare mentally for the rigor of the course and learn from the mistakes of other students.

See how examples like this relate to organic chemistry.

See how examples like this relate to organic chemistry.

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