You're Meant to be an Entrepreneur! Read This and Prove Me Right

The Entrepreneur quiz

1. Overdrive — Do you not just push forward, but have the stamina to get up after failure and try harder? Overdrive is a trait that entrepreneurs possess. It is the will to succeed even when what you face seems unobtainable. It is the energy to start from nothing and build a mountain that you then must climb. Is this you?

Being an entrepreneur requires a massive amount of energy and stamina. That is not an argument to dissuade you from being your own boss. Instead, it is an opportunity to evaluate your nature. A successful entrepreneur must juggle a lot of activities while starting a business and then continue even while job duties shift. Do you have overdrive? 

2. Obsessed Passion — Is there something that you love as much as you love yourself? Perhaps more than you love yourself? That kind of passion, when paired with the drive to succeed is the start of an entrepreneur. Is that you?

Passion is not a single entity it is all encompassing. Does your passion drive you not only to succeed in business but to provide a better life for your family? 

3. Brazenly Willing — The brazenly willing entrepreneur is willing to risk loss, failure, and setback to find the road to success. Are you willing to fail, get up again, and try once more? Are you willing to take risks even if failure means the destruction of your progress? This is a badge you wear that refuses to hear the word "no." 

4. Scalable Vision — The entrepreneur with scalable vision not only sees the idea in full color but the evolution of the idea and the versions that come later. Do you possess the ability to see your idea as it changes, grows, and morphs. This is not a challenge, but an opportunity to drive change and promote progress. Is this you?

5. The Knowledge that You Can Succeed — The knowledge to succeed is an assurance that you make with yourself. It is the removal of fear and the knowledge that you can succeed. Notice I did not say "believe." Believe is full of doubt, but the knowledge to succeed is a statement or mantra that allows you to channel inner strength and rise above doubt to find the way forward. Can you find the way forward, even if your gut is telling you to turn back?

6. Maneuverability — An idea is not a static thing in the business world. It faces outside forces that will shape it and change it. Maneuverability is the skill to accept those changes while leading the outcome. It is paired with scalable vision in such a way that you envision changes you are leading your company to a prosperous position. Can you handle change? Can you adapt your idea to fit a changing business environment? The road forward will constantly change and failure to change leads to extinction. Do you have the ability to survive? Can you embrace change? 

7. Create Your Own Rules — Do you have the spirit to create your own rules? People, mentors, and other business leaders will try to tell you the rules of the game. Those are their visions, not yours. Do you have the tenacity to create your own rules? Can you walk outside of the lines? Sometimes to get where you need to go you must leave the beaten path and forge your own. Can you forge your own path?

If you read through this and were absolutely honest with yourself, then you should be able to answer one simple question: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

If your answer is "yes," and you have yet to take any action or make progress on that goal, then you may need help to find out what's blocking you. Something subconscious could be holding you hostage and, if so, it would be difficult to acknowledge on your own. You don't have to do everything alone and building a team does NOT mean you have to split your business with them. I am here with any questions or guidance that you may need on your journey. If you can think of nobody else who believes in you, remember that I believe in you! Good luck! 

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