What To Look For In A Business Coach

Along with the rise in entrepreneurship, has come the rise in business coaching. Individuals may see it as an easy way to transition into working for yourself so many people give themselves the title of "business coach" or "life coach."

So with the saturation of individuals claiming to coach, it makes it harder and harder for those seeking coaching to find the right person. 

So I'm writing this post really to get to the heart of the matter and give some suggestions on what you can look for in a coach if you're planning to hire one. I listened to Kim Ades over at Frame of Mind Coaching speak and I think she gave some great advice on this topic that can essentially be summed up by these four points:

#1 Consider if the coach has a process (or not) and leads the process (or not). Or are they more of a "let's talk once a week and see where it goes" and "you lead the process and the sessions go where you take them." You want to find someone who is a leader. If you were going to lead the discussions all the time, you wouldn't need a coach.

#2 Consider how the coach collects data from you (journaling, recordings, etc). Do they only collect information from you once a week or once a month? In order to truly get to the heart of the matter for your individualized situation, a coach should really try to know as much about you as they can. 

#3 Consider if you feel like you’re in good hands, and if you two connect. There needs to be that vibe there. If you don't feel comfortable opening up to them, then it won't be a good working relationship. Alternatively, if they are not really taking charge and showing interest in you as if you are just another paycheck, then it might not be as beneficial for you. You need to feel some sense of connection with the coach if you are to ever feel comfortable opening up to them about your life. They need more than surface level information if they are to truly be effective.

#4 Consider their track record, and who they have coached before. You should really be on the lookout for any reviews or testimonials from previous clients. You will likely find these somewhere on their website, if not, you can always ask for them. I don't think it's really professional for them to give you a list of previous client names with phone numbers for you to call, but online testimonials can suffice. If you're looking at someone who may be a bit newer to coaching and you're willing to take a chance with them, not only will their prices be lower, but they may even give you more one-on-one attention. However, with a newer coach, you won't be able to find many reviews and testimonials; you'll have to gather as much as you can from your first 30-minute or 1-hour call.

In my mind, one of the main objectives that should be sought from coaching is transformational thinking. When your thinking becomes aligned with your goals, you're automatically taking action. That knowledge alone, that you've taken action, should be considered a small win on your journey to success and should be celebrated!

I, as a coach, am here to give you the tools needed to manage yourself. You shouldn't feel like you have to answer to me nor dread any calls with me because you failed to accomplish a task. It's more so about helping you develop the best mindset for setting goals, asking yourself the right questions, getting in a frame of mind where you are comfortable acting on thoughts, and build up a mental resilience. 

All-in-all, I think coaching is a worthwhile investment for anyone who is struggling to reach their goals in life whether it's entrepreneurial or just a life goal. And when you compare the prices of coaching to things that you arbitrarily spend money on, like expensive vacations, the costs are fairly reasonable and the results are something that last a lifetime when done properly.

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