Uh Oh, My Boss Found My Blog

One of the things that hinders a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs from doing a business on the side of their full time job is a fear of being found out by the people they work with or supervisors. That fear of just "being found out" stops people in their tracks. People don't want to be found out working on the side. 

Thoughts start running through your mind like...

"...what if my supervisor finds my blog and doesn't like the content?"

"...will they fire me?"

"...will they try to convince me to formally submit a two-weeks notice?"

"...I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills if I lose this job."

Maybe you are blogging to get exposure for a side business that you are running. 

Maybe you are blogging to tell of a personal journey that you are going through outside of work.

Maybe you are blogging to relieve stressful thoughts as if it were a personal journal. 

As long as 1) it's not a violation of a contract that you signed with your company, 2) your content isn't reflecting negatively back on the company you work for, or 3) it makes you perform badly at your full-time job, it shouldn't matter if your supervisor see's it. That's just my opinion. 

Be proud that you have something to say to the world and you've found an outlet that you enjoy. 

Now, my supervisor has not yet stumbled upon my blog (nor podcast) yet, but even when he does I don't think it will be an issue. It's just one of those things that hasn't come up in conversation between us. When I released my chemistry book for students, he was excited to ask for a copy and looked through it. He even told me of his aspirations to write a book. It opened new dialogues and brought us closer professionally. 

I actually like coming to work, but I also thoroughly enjoy the things that I do outside of my chemistry lab. I think everyone should have a life outside of work. 

I think the biggest thing to remember is that whatever you put out online is a reflection of yourself. If you are always publishing things that bash your employer and what you do at work, then that won't look good on you as a person. Just make sure that you are portraying the person that you don't mind being seen as. Once your content hits the web, it's open for all to see.

If you have any comments on this post or think I might have over looked some key points, just let me know. I welcome comments (positive and negative). If you agree with me, let me know.