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Create 5 Raving Fans in Your Niche

When an entrepreneur is first starting out, often times their audience is few; if it even exists. Especially those starting blogs or podcasts; it could seem like content is being created and nobody is even listening. If you could just create 5 raving fans, that could build self-confidence and teach you lessons along the way. Creating as little as 5 raving fans can grant you numerous benefits; amongst those is that they can help spread your message by word of mouth. That is free advertising that you absolutely don't want to pass up. So let's go through some of the things that you can do to create these 5 raving fans.

Find your specific audience. It almost goes without saying that if you don't know who your audience is, then you can't expect to market to the right people. And if you're not marketing to the right people, then you are wasting time and money. It is crucial to your business that you are as specific as possible with who your ideal customer is so that you can speak to them in your marketing. 

Create value videos (5-15 mins). This is especially important for those doing business solely online. It is important to build trust with your audience and human psychology tells us that the more someone sees you and your brand, the more they begin to trust you. There is also emphasis on the 'value' aspect of the videos, it is absolutely imperative that you keep your audience informed in some way. If they get practical answers from you on problems in their lives, then they will continue to come back to you for more answers. It is important to note that you don't necessarily have to sit in front of the camera and record, you could also use slides and provide a voice-over to the presentation. 

Respond directly to emails with a personal touch. At least in the beginning. After your audience grows and the emails get too overwhelming, you may want to look into getting a virtual assistant to help you comb through emails and save yourself time.

Let limited customers use your product in the beta version and allow them to give you feedback. Consider giving the proposition of a lower price for the first customers. Don't be afraid to even give something away for free in exchange for feedback. They will be an invaluable resource when attempting to locate and fix problems. Make them feel like a part of the creation and improvement process. And really show empathy! The goal is to add value AND build trust!

Be consistent. If you cannot show that you are consistent to your audience, then you will lose them. If you create a schedule for something, stick to it. If you cannot stick to something you say you will do, then keep your audience informed. It is okay to change your schedule, but keeping your word shows that you are human even if you make mistakes. 

If you can create 5 raving fans, then you will be able to duplicate the process and create 10 raving fans. The point is that if you embrace the qualities necessary to build 5 raving fans, then you will be equipped to reach 1000 raving fans and beyond. 

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