2 Repeatable Steps To Accomplishing Entrepreneur Goals Without A Direct Mentor

It can be very difficult to find just the right mentor in your field and if you do find someone worth of mentoring you, they may be too busy. I consider a direct mentor as someone who you have direct contact with; you can call them whenever and they are available when you need them. There are ways, however, to benefit from a mentor that isn't directly involved with you. 

1) Get advice from an expert or someone who has been there.

The advice, however, has to be relevant for where you are right now in your journey. In order to know what information is relevant to you, that implies that you know what your goals are. So, I hope that you have SMART goals set and that you have an idea of what information you need in order to make forward progress.

Where can you gather this expert advice? There are successful entrepreneurs who write blogs and books, record free videos on YouTube (or personal websites), do live webinars, record podcasts, give guest talks at conventions, etc. This is an indirect way of gathering advice from experts. But in order for this to work, you have to take advantage of the information that you receive. This leads us into step two.

2) Implement that strategy or advice immediately before consuming new knowledge on another topic.

If you are to read multiple books from a potential mentor (or mentors), without acting upon information, then it is very probable that you forget pieces of information by the time you're ready to make things happen. That's why it's absolutely imperative that you act on relevant information NOW! While it's on your mind. By the time you use the information to make progress on your goals, you will be presented with a new challenge. There will always be a new challenge ahead of you and that is why you have to deal with them as they arise. If you try to tackle all of your current hurdles and all possible future hurdles at the same time, you will be overwhelmed. And if you get overwhelmed, then you will likely be led into inaction. Inaction leads to no progress. No progress leads to the death of your business, no matter what stage you're in. 

The steps are as simple as that. Afterwards, you just repeat. 

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