Creating a 7 Figure Network with Geoff Woods (Review/Summary)

You know how you hear a piece of advice from someone and it just clicks with you somehow? Like it's not new information, but the way it was presented just makes you think differently? Well that's what happened when I heard Geoff Woods speaking in a podcast interview.

I listened to his podcast episode on the Starting from Nothing podcast (episode 162). It was a life changer, for me at least. I kid you not. After I heard that podcast, something just changed in my mindset. I saw things slightly differently as it related to my circle of influence and leveraging my network and i'm not even a stranger to the information he shared. I couldn't wait to put what I learned into action and at the very least, write it down so I didn't forget it. 

It was about 6:10 pm when I finished listening to the podcast episode and at the end he sent listeners to a link. I went to the link and it was a webinar that started either at 630 pm or the next day at 7 pm. I signed up and by that time it was about 6:18 pm. I sent my fiancee a text saying "i'm going to attend a webinar at 6:30, is there anything you want me to do in the next 12 minutes?" Dishes. Okay, consider it done. I banged the dishes out and hoped on the webinar ASAP. I couldn't wait to see what he was about to share. 

The webinar was obviously pre-recorded. Disappointingly, it turned out to be a retelling of majority of the things he said on the podcast interview. He tells his story of how his income got cut by 40% and his worry for what would happen to his loved ones being that he was struggling to pay the mortgage on his home. 

He made the audience do some introspection with questions like the one shown below, which is always nice before leading into your content. The audience gets engaged when you can stir up emotions like that. 

He used empathy to relate to the audience and let them know that he was in their shoes. Mentions how he met the right people and it changed your life. Gave some testimonials of his own journey as well as some individuals he's helped. That get's the audience in "I won't be the test dummy" mode and thinking "it's worked for others so it must be a proven system by now."

So he led into the content for the webinar and hyped it up a bit with phrases like those above. You have to pump up your product and make it sound absolutely AMAZING if you want to keep people sticking around for an hour or more. So in that respect, I think he did a good job because I stuck around and i'm sure hundreds, if not thousands, of others stuck around as well. 

What are the 7 steps? 

Step 1 involves asking yourself two questions: 1) Where do I need help MOST right now? 2) What kind of person would be the best person to help me? 

Geoff's answer to the first question was that he wanted to develop a stream of passive income from real estate investing and realized that he needed a real estate mentor. For the second question you should be able to describe that individual in one sentence, but in a concise and clear manner. 

He brings this step up because he mentions that 80% of everything you need to level up your business and achieve your goal is already within your circle of influence, but most people don't know how to tap into those relationships. So what he does is walk you through a hypothetical phone call with one of the people you are most comfortable talking to. The point is to share what your goal is with others so that you plant a seed into them in case they come across someone that matches your description, triggering them to make the connection. Another possibility is that they are the type of person you were looking for, in which case, that would be great. Alternatively, if they do nothing with this information, you are just back to where you started so nothing bad really happens. 

This step was all about connecting with the heavy hitters and doing what it takes to get into the same room with these high profile individuals. So networking events, seminars, and conferences. I actually discuss a similar approach in episode 13 of my podcast.  So being that I share a similar message, I definitely agree with his message here. I think this is highly important. You have to put yourself out there and in front of the people that you aspire to be like.

So step 4 is what he calls "the secret sauce." The description is in the image, but hopefully you see that it makes sense. When you approach someone else and all you are doing is talking about yourself and why you're so interesting, that doesn't get the best responses. On the flip side, when you show genuine interest in others, they become so much more receptive to what you have to say. This is a concept talked about in popular books like "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert B. Cialdini and "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.  

Step 5 is all about repeating what you just did and making it a habit. Not only creating the habit, but also finding out what works best for you. You might not say the right things on your first attempts so after you take action, you find what works. 

Step 6 is community. This is because most people will just take the information and hold on to it, but won't actually follow through with execution. Being a part of a community of like-minded individuals makes you much more likely to take action and attain goals. This group of people around you will make it easier for you to stay motivated. 

Step 7 is to find an accountability partner. So basically, you find that one person who you share your plans of action with and they hold you to it. A popular way to achieve an accountability partner could be a close friend who you are comfortable speaking honestly with or even becoming a part of a mastermind group. 

So what was he selling?

It boiled down to "The 7 Figure Network Coaching Program." The claim is that the program gives you everything you need to connect with the mentors who will guide you every step of the way. I have never been in the program so I can't say whether or not this is true. If anyone reading this has taken the program, feel free to leave a comment on how helpful it was. 

Amongst the goals of the program are: 1) mastering your mindset so that you can overcome limiting beliefs holding you back. 2) hos to get inside the heads of those you want to mentor you. 3) a network upgrade strategy that shows you how to tap into the people you already know and use them to upgrade your network. 4) a event mastery strategy that shows you what events to go to and what to do before going to the events. 5) a interest capture method for making high-powered mentors interested in you. 6) a value add system for adding value to anyone you meet so that they instantly want to help you. 7) a master's method for exchanging contacts with anyone. 8) a never-fail method for getting anyone's email address, so that you can connect with highly specific people. 

Whether the program and cost is worth it, I cannot say. That is not for me to determine. I happen to know the techniques described and I utilize them so for me it would not be a good investment, but not everybody is on the same level. You may need a little more help with approaching high profile individuals or knowing what to say in certain situations so this program might be a good one for you. I'd say weigh the pros and cons and make an intelligent decision for yourself. What value do you put on investing in yourself? Just try not to make an impulsive decision and regret it later. 

If you're interested in learning more about Geoff Woods and his philosophy and methods, head over to 

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