How Experts Became Experts

Have you ever wondered how experts became experts? You could consider the 10,000 hour rule, which is a general rule stating that it takes about 10,000 hours of doing a task before you become an expert in that task. A 40 hour work week would equate to around a 5 year time frame (so a 20 hour week would be around 10 years). Seems like a long time, but realize that you can work as many or as little hours as you want to speed up or slow down your progress. Life happens at your own pace so take your time.

There are some important traits that an individual must internalize if they are ever going to reach that 10,000 hour mark. 

1) Persistence. You have to keep trying. Giving up is what quitter's do and you're not a quitter. You can't expect to become great at something new if you don't keep trying and practicing the craft. Even the greats like Michael Jordan had to practice. It's a trait that goes hand in hand with having discipline. There is a satisfaction that you get from doing something that you didn't even think you could do or didn't know how to do, but you did it because you disciplined yourself.

2) Resilience. This is a mindset that essentially builds up from getting up more times than you've been knocked down. You learn from past efforts and you try again. 

3) Goals. If you don't have an end goal in mind, then you are just wandering blindly. You can move through life without a plan, but then how can you expect to end up where you might want to be? Take time to reflect on the life you really see yourself having in the future because then you can think about what necessary steps you can take now in order to get there.

Remember this, you are an expert at being you and if you want to improve upon any aspect of yourself, start today with a goal and commit to consistently getting better with each new day.

Experts in whatever field did not get to the expert level by sitting around and not taking action between hours 0 to 9,999. Experts study new information and identify opportunities, but more importantly, they put knowledge into practice.