No matter what business you are in or planning to start, there are some things that transcend the area that you work in. These keys to finding success with your business are essential for building and growing a sustainable business that leads you in the direction of your dreams. 

  • Know yourself.

This may sound cliche or obvious to some, but there are so many people out there who have not invested the necessary time to just research themselves before any business idea. This step is absolutely essential in creating a successful business. If you get involved in a business that you are not completely interested in, then you will eventually burn out your motivation, and your business will suffer as a result. 

One way that you could learn more about yourself is simply some self-reflection. Another way, is by asking close friends to tell you what they think your strengths and weaknesses are. If you go this route, and you have good friends, be prepared for honest answers. Especially if some of the responses generate memories of times when you may not have lived up to someones expectations. But, in contrast, the strengths they share could lead to some good conversations. Alternatively, taking personality tests are not a bad way to go. I have found some to be extremely helpful. The biggest downfall with this method is that they come with their own fees. When I took tests like the Myers Briggs Personality test or the Gallup StrengthFinder, I had companies pay for them. 

  • Find a mentor who is open and honest about their mistakes. 

This can seem hard for some people. If you know someone who is successful, in a way that you would like to be successful, then they might seem like an obvious choice. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes these "successful" mentors will share with you the path that got them to where they are, but may neglect to share the mistakes they made along the way. This mentor that you choose does NOT have to be someone that you know personally because if you are anything like me, there is nobody around your circle that is in the position that you would like to be in. Seek out books from successful entrepreneurs in the area that you would like to be in. Search for podcasts or blogs or even a course that is run by someone who has done what you are trying to do. The more knowledge that you can acquire from someone that has been where you are going, the more equipped you make yourself for the entrepreneurial journey.

Also, don't forget to search for reviews from others before you spend money on things like certain books or courses. Those reviews can be impartial, honest, and useful in determining how helpful a resource might be for you; just make sure you read through a good number of reviews instead of taking one persons word for a product.

  • Develop a business system.

This is where you need structure and organized thinking. If you are an online business, then you will need various online services to automate your product sales, emails, downloads, domain hosting, file (pdf and mp3) servers, capturing customer attention, building subscription lists, etc. Non-online businesses will need business systems too, but not the same ones needed for an online business. Passion for your business service or product will only take you so far; it is the business systems that you develop that will keep the business running over time.

If you are reading this post, then you are doing great. Knowing what you need to do in order to become a successful entrepreneur is going to set you on the right path to achievement and I couldn't be more proud that you are taking the time to invest in yourself. 

Leave a comment (or short example) on this post if you have used any of these methods to become successful in your own business. Also, feel free to comment on this post if you know any other useful keys to entrepreneurial success.

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