$2,000/Month Within 42 Days With Consulting - Sam Ovens (Review)

So I was on a free webinar with Sam Ovens and I wanted to review my thoughts about the content and the perceived value. I actually found the webinar through a Facebook ad and felt compelled to click on it so clearly the advertising worked. Let's go ahead and jump right in. 

Who is he? 

Sam Ovens is a 7 figure consultant in the digital marketing niche. He gave a case study testimonial over at Mixergy, which looks like it was before he started consulting because he was talking about starting a software company that deals with real estate agents. You can find the video here if you want to check it out. 

In the beginning of the webinar, of course, he tells his 'zero to hero' type of story, which is great and let's you in on who he is and where he is from. He was honest in the webinar about how he came from getting average grades in college and working out of his parents garage to the point where he is now. He talked about how he failed before and how he spent all of his money and nothing worked. He began selling from a point of desperation, which is never where you want to sell from as an entrepreneur. Great. I'm sure many people could relate to him at that point. I'm actually curious to know if the business he talked about in that interview was one of the failures he mentions or if he sold the business for some undisclosed amount of money when he was like 22 years old (when I believe he began consulting). 

Everyone loves stories like that. His trajectory of growth, and at such a young age (26), was remarkable. It was something like $200K+ in his first year and then doubling every year. It leaves someone thinking "this guy really has something figured out that nobody else does."

Also, he mentions how he creates these 6 figure consultants and has even created nine 7 figure consultants through his teachings, which is lovely information to know, right? Everyone wants to know your track record before they do business with you. I approached it from a skeptical perspective so i'm thinking "anyone can steal images from online, make up fake names, and make up a back story for these people. Tell me more." So I guess it's nice that he even drew me in to that place of wanting to learn more.

Below, you can find an image of what was covered in the webinar. 


So How Was His Advice? 

Sam mentioned how you really only need to know three key things to have a 7 figure consulting business:

  1. A niche & offer.
  2. A marketing system to generate appointments.
  3. A sales process to convert appointments into clients. 

At that point, I was thinking "okay, great. I'm ready to learn more." 

I will say that as he discussed each section in a bit more detail, all of the information really made sense. I will also say that it was unlike content that I had received from others on consulting. 

In the first step, he really stressed the importance of defining what you do and who you help as a consultant. An example template sentence was shown below:

"I help__________to_________ by__________."

This translates to "I help (insert niche) to (solve problem/get result) by (what service you offer).

Example: I help personal trainers get more clients through instagram marketing. 

I would have LOVED to get more examples of different peoples one sentence offerings, maybe even from his hundreds of case studies. However, it is definitely a good starting point for someone who may not have thought about what they offer before. If someone doesn't know what they offer to a client, then there will essentially be no business.

In the second and third points that he says everyone should master for consulting, he gave a sequence. 

Facebook ads. Landing Pages. Value Video. Survey. Calendar. Call. (In that order from left to right)

He described how someone could specify their target market using a Facebook ad and narrow down the potential clients, which is helpful information especially someone who did not know that. He typically pays Facebook $1/click. He then goes into how when someone clicks his ad, they are sent to a custom landing page. Sounds pretty standard at this point. But, then he says that he will give you the template for the landing page. Now, if that's true, thoughts come to mind of "so I don't need to pay for a subscription with LeadPages." 

Afterwards comes the value video, which is a 5-15 minute video that offers a great quick training on some topic for the audience. This is important in my mind because this helps to build trust with your potential customers. One thing that he mentioned as an option was that you can record videos from PowerPoint ... I didn't know that. Since that's true, then maybe someone starting out doesn't need fancy recording software. Sure enough, I went over to my PowerPoint software and did a test run of recording a presentation and I did it effortlessly. In that moment, he already added some type of value to my life. Maybe I can start making some type of training videos now. 

After someone see's the value video, they can click a button to take a survey. Now this is a great idea for anyone in the consulting field because it allows you to screen customers prior to adding them to your calendar for a call. The reason you would want to survey and screen clients is that you don't want to be on the phone with hundreds of people that might not even be a good fit for what you offer.  

This brings us to the call with the prospective client. Sam typically uses Skype or the phone for these calls. The call is used to figure out more about the business, the problem that they have, and if you can help solve the problem. Typically the call is 30-40 minutes. And if you feel as though you can help solve the problem, then you would present the client with an offer to work for them. He was really stressing the point of not going below a $2,000/month/client offer and said how your offer could range from $3,000-$30,000/client. One of the things he was trying to get people to buy into is the fact that you will be limited as long as you are trading your time for money. So he's against selling your time by the hour. For instance, charging $100/hr with a client. He is of the mindset that you charge based on the value of the problem you solve. I honestly think that if you are striving to get to the high 6 figure and 7 figure salary range, then that is what you would want to do. 

Overall, his math came out to ~$120 dollars total to gain a client who spends $2,000/month (for 12 months at least). I did not go back and try to check his math or anything. I'll take it that he did his numbers correctly, but If his process could create the value he says, it would be amazing. Of course, it would take certain soft skills to be able to pull these things off, such as displaying confidence in yourself to potential clients, but those are things that can be worked on. 

What was he selling? 

So it's known that entrepreneurs (and companies) host these free webinars in order to bait you with some good general information (leaving out specifics) so that they can lead up to a sell. In that respect, this was no different. And that was fine. 

So he was selling a 6 week online course - consulting accelerator. There were 100 seats available. Sam offered things like the scripts that his students follow on the calls to convert prospects into clients, the landing page template, show you the best way to accept credit cards online (not PayPal), legal documents for contracts and offer letters, mastermind group, and a lot of other things. Everything that he mentioned would be included sounded VERY valuable. I even wanted to sign up (lol). He talked about how the price was typically around $6,000 for the entire package, but for today only it would just be $1,997 (or 4 payments of $597). 

Honestly, IF he can truly deliver the content that he says is included with the package, I think it would be well worth the value that he is charging. So it doesn't seem like a ridiculous cost when everything is factored into it. If you are the type of person who only buys something that is under $50, then you likely will have a hard time (psychologically) investing $2,000 in yourself for this course. One great thing that he does offer is a full money back guarantee, which is important. I'm not sure if that guarantee is still offered at the $6,000 price point when this specific deal is gone.

What Annoyed Me.

I felt left with more questions! From his perspective, that was likely the point of the webinar. From my perspective, I'm still trying to figure out things like "what online calendar tool do you use that's integrated with the Gmail calendar? How much is it? You mention that you give a landing page template, so does that mean we don't need an account with a company like LeadPages?" And when the Q&A session came around (~400 people attended the webinar), none of my questions were answered. 

So when I signed up for the webinar, I had the option to choose either 12pm or 7pm time slots for the webinar. I chose the 12pm time. As the webinar was ending, he mentioned that about 83 of the 100 slots had already been filled (and people were still signing up). So why would you do the seminar again at 7pm if there will potentially be no more slots left in the program? That made no sense to me. 

Another thing, it was mentioned out of his mouth that we would receive all of the slides from the webinar if we stayed on until the end. I stayed on until the end. Did I get the slides? No. If I would have known that I wouldn't get them, then I would have taken more notes throughout. I emailed his team at the support email address given and they sent me the slides a couple days later. If you want to see the slides, click here.

Being that I didn't get the slides immediately after the first webinar, I went back to the webinar the next day because the add was up again. I was curious about whether he would advertise the same 100 seats for the program because that would be a red flag. If the seats filled up yesterday, how can they be re-available today? Someone lied. Sure enough, 100 more seats magically appeared. Listening to the webinar a second time, it sounded JUST like the first time I heard it. The real test would be "are the questions at the very end the same?" The answer is yes. And at one point he pulls up a folder of hundreds of video testimonials and scrolls through them and "randomly" selects the exact same one he used in the previous webinar. He says, "this isn't something I do just to make money," but really it seems like this is just to get money. The lie of "this is a live webinar" was not true and made me lose a bit of trust with him already. 

I hope this review post has help someone evaluate what is being offered out there online. If you want me to attend someone else's seminar and give you a review of my thoughts on it, just let me know in the comments section below. If you feel as though I may have missed out on some information or are curious about something I said, leave a comment. Feel free to share this post with others as well. Good luck in your entrepreneurial journey.