I was inspired to start this website by the people around me. You never truly know who will be inspired by what you accomplish if you just let your story be known. For instance, right after the release of my guide for students taking the organic chemistry course, someone reached out to me about how my self-publishing inspired him to re-enroll in school and finish his college degree. That was a powerful moment and I never would have thought that I would inspire someone in that way. That was just one incident amongst others, but it shows the impact that one person can have on another from something as simple as sharing their story.

This site is dedicated to:

  • highlighting individuals who have embarked on their own creative entrepreneurial journeys.
  • teach individuals about the resources that can help them achieve their goal of starting or running a business successfully.
  • nurturing the growing community of creative entrepreneurs by allowing them to learn from successes and failures of others.
  • provide strategy and coaching to all those who feel stuck at the idea stage and those who are ready to launch but not sure how.
  • assist businesses who may have reached a plateau in growth by providing personalized consulting to develop a strategic growth plan.

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Almost everyone has wanted to go into business for themselves at some point. The truth is that many are discouraged early on and never even try a new venture. I aim to teach and inspire people just like you to find their talents and act on them. That way you can take the leap and get your business started without regrets.

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Experienced Researcher. Certified Business Analyst & Coach. Author. Inventor. Entrepreneur.

Consulting Focus: Business Strategy Analysis. Investigative Questioning.

By formal education and training, I am an expert researcher. Like many of you reading this, I have found a sense of freedom with entrepreneurship. The trick is knowing how to find and use your talents to serve an audience. But to be an entrepreneur, the business you create has to make money; otherwise it is not a real business.

Scientists are trained to transform the way we think about life and it's problems. I've found a way to take my training out of the laboratory setting and integrate it with proven strategies for transformative thinking and business analysis. These techniques can be applied to help any individual or business that is struggling on their journey towards achieving their goals. Therefore, I have trained to become an entrepreneur consultant who has helped entrepreneurs realize their business goals through the development of strategic plans. 

A business strategy involves defining and clarifying those steps necessary for executing a sustainable, well-defined business goal.

As the site name suggests, I value creativity. In my profession, I need to develop creative solutions to solve various problems, but I also feel that it is necessary that I have an outlet outside of work. My creative entrepreneurial outlet is writing. 

I have recently finished rough drafts of two science-fiction/fantasy manuscripts and I am currently in the editing process before my journey of finding a literary agent. I have also written a guide to help individuals develop the foundational mindset needed to be successful in entrepreneurship and in life. I have previously released a guide for college/university organic chemistry students that is being sold on Amazon. I have written research based scientific articles. I am also co-inventor on published chemistry patents so I understand the creative nature and background research that it requires to tackle problems from a new angle. 

I look all around me and see individuals who have great potential as entrepreneurs, but lack either the resources or the drive to test out their idea and bring it to life. I have been in positions of fear that kept me from acting on ideas. I have tried ventures and failed. I have been discouraged. I've been in a position of financial hardship. I know what it feels like to work full-time and try to find time to work on building a side business. I've been where you are and now I want to help others take that leap by providing advice, resources, and stories of others who have not been afraid to get started in their own business. I hope you will join this community that I am building and give plenty of feedback. Don't be afraid to interact with me because this site is about helping YOU!


I think it is important to know who you are dealing with so in an effort of full transparency, below you will find my personality traits as judged by popular personality tests. I am posting these not only to show you who I am, but also to stress the importance of understanding as much about yourself as you can because that will translate to the type of business you will flourish in.

Myers Briggs Personality Test: ISTJ

Gallup Strength Finder: (Top five traits in order) 1) Command. 2) Analytical. 3) Responsibility. 4) Relator. 5) Learner.